This year, my goals around money were a success but those around fitness, less so. My wife became a licensed architect and and we welcomed 4 babies of friends and family into the world.

My dollar goals were to:

A summary of what I learned is below

Write P&L report every month

I'm most proud of this goal so I'll start with it.

Every month, I created a basic report of our previous months finances. I printed it and we discussed anything worth calling out. We'll continue this practice as we find its a peaceful way to approach our savings and a spendings goals.

Save money

Enabled by the P&L goal, we wanted to hit a dollar mark in our savings. We did. Feels good.

Truck and Trailer

We bought a truck and trailer a few years ago in hopes of building out a small ranch property in Mexico. That opportunity fell through and the trailer became a paperweight. The truck, to a lesser degree as we used it for beach trips. It still felt unnecessary.

When we made the decision to sell, it was simply a matter of patience. Thankfully, we were not time-pressured to sell.

Indexing this site

Most websites evaporate due to one factor: domain name registration costs money. An unused asset eventually can't be justified and returns to the market.

I've owned this site for over a decade and used it mostly for private notes and experiments. I do stuff in public now and modified the front page to showcase it.

Regularly inspired by people like Dynomight and Taylor Troesh who pump out great writing.

Weight lifting

I lifted 113 times this year but many weren't systematically progressive. By November I gave up the goal.

It got really boring. Boring sucks. Many of the lifts were simply "greasing the groove" and not focused on getting to failure.

I'm not blind to the "sour grapes"-thinking though. I failed.

Better measurement this year, changes to keep it fun and reach the "finish line" before October/November.

Daily logs of side-project

I set out to re-write 24HourHomepage.com so anyone could publish on it for free. I did by chipping away at the work every morning before work. That work finished in March. Once development was done, I stopped recording my daily progress.

This was not a specific goal. No bueno.

How could it have gone better? Ask myself more proding questions: what do I do when dev work is done? what does a marketing rhythm look like?

Confidently climb V4 holds

My wife and I started climbing more regularly toward the end of 2022 and thought it would be fun to do this together. We had a decent rhythm of going twice per week for half the year but my climbs weren't focused on V4 but rather fun.

A win-win though: more fun time with my wife.

Early bird

Creative and operational freedom is important to me. Waking up early every weekday gives me a reliable 10hours per week to work on something I can grow into a healthy community or business.

Like my logging goal, I met this goal so long as I was writing code. Once that was done, I stopped waking up early. I can do better.

Next year

This year, I have fun goals. More running, more writing, a fun DTC product, and being more present.

If you have a resolution, I'll give you $1 if you finish it in 2024. ✌️