Special Post — Vinyl Moon on 24HourHomepage

tl;dr: My favorite creative product (Vinyl Moon) has joined 24hourhomepage! Read more about their product, how we got connected and their special discount for you to join their service.

# Overview

I’m pleased…you might even say I’m over the moon…to announce my favorite music / art / creativity product has joined 24hourhomepage: Vinyl Moon!

Vinyl Moon is a monthly “mixtape” vinyl club. Last December I got an annual subscription as a gift (❤️) and every month since I find myself anxiously waiting for the month’s new arrival.

Why do I geek out so hard over them? They understand their audience and medium. Vinyl is definitely not the only way I enjoy music but its one of the more thoughtful ways. Each month they curate a dozen or so songs from around the world and collaborate with a visual artist to do the packaging. Magnets, popups, lenticular printing. These aren’t ordinary records. And every month feels better than the last.

I can blab all day about how creative they are but let’s talk about how we got connected…

# Background / Brainstorming

Several weeks ago I was brainstorming creative companies/products that would be a good fit for 24hourhomepage. My thinking was, “I have a canvas for storytellers. I should get digital artists to join.”

After some digging on Twitter, Reddit, NewGrounds, DeviantArt I started to feel I was searching in communities I didn’t feel connected to. The coldest of cold sales. No good.

So I asked “What are some creative products that I enjoy?”

Then it hit me. Or rather, it was staring at me from our living room wall. Vinyl Moon is ALWAYS making fun, creative and meta content. What if they joined?

In my initial email to Brandon, I shamelessly demonstrated my love of their service.

# Chatting with Brandon

Their CEO Brandon Bogajewicz agreed to chat about my vision. Like a binaural beat frequency tuned to an idea, he got it immediately. Moments into our call he was listing feature ideas. “What if it was topic based? What if you could search?” I think my pen only captured half of them.

He also gave me an idea for a pretty genius spinoff product too. I reassured him, my goal was to focus on growing this product first then build any fun follow-ups. It must be pretty fun dreaming up each month’s product over there.

# What’s Next

Vinyl Moon joined! I won’t spoil their content but I proposed a few ideas for how they can use 24hourhomepage to engage with their current and future listeners. Try to guess what time they joined…

# Special Thanks

A big shout out to Brandon. His creativity and openness to chat with a solo entrepreneur is a gold standard in my book. Thanks, Brandon!

For any music or product lover in you life, I can’t recommend their service highly enough. They’re offering an 10% discount for new members.

You can join here and use the code MOONTEN: https://vinylmoon.co/pages/join

If you’re a musician with a good sound, reach out to them! They might press you on an upcoming issue. Part of the joy of their service is discovering so many eclectic artists.

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