24HourHomepage.com — Week 10 — Ads that leverage the medium

tl;dr: Last week I focused on getting more creative and engaging content on the site. Two features of the site led to two interesting advertisements.

# Overview

Last week — in my effort to make the best 24 hour “gif” on the internet and get better at sales and marketing along the way — I focused my outreach on adding more creative content to the site. As a result, two clever ads that exploit the medium were added.

24hourhomepage.com is a “time” time-capsule. Publishers “own” the second they buy in perpetuity but they also cannot change their ad once published.

They are then forced to ask themselves:

What am I doing that is timeless?

That question opened a number of doors. It also saves time on advertisements that are better suited for other channels. Eg: If you don’t plan to be online for the next 10+ years, we’re probably not a good fit!

# Creative Ad 1 — Salutem 😷

Salutem is a health company. Their first product is a patent pending COVID-19 (and other viruses) killing face mask via a graphene-silver technology. An excellent product for the times.

When they expressed interest, I asked them: “If Salutem were on a billboard seen every day for 100+ years, what would the ad say?”

Well, for one, they’d want to show the mask. That’s what they’re selling. But as a health company, they can highlight that they helped fight a global pandemic.

Check out their ad in this week’s discoveries below and let me know how timeless it is.

# Creative Ad 2 — Like I Am Five 🖐

Like I Am Five is a learning company from Matt Blank. Right now, you’ll learn programming skills you can apply to your own work in under 4 hours. Great idea and as a budding entrepreneur I’m massively impressed seeing he’s grown to 700+ students.

Understanding that if he was to run the company for 10+ years it might evolve into other domains, I pitched him a meme. The idea was simple: if you can click an ad, you can learn how to code. See the meme I pitched him below!

# Discoveries of 24hourhomepage 🔍

  • Salutem — Not vaccinated? Give yourself extra protection with the graphene-silver mask from Salutem 😷
  • LikeIAmFive — Matt Blank will teach you all things tech in a focused 4 hour class. Get ready to grow!
  • WritePhobia — WritePhobia helps you build your writing habit. Writing this blog has only come about because I’ve challenged myself to make it a habit. Check them out! It’s free if you never miss a goal and proceeds go to charity.

# This week

  • I’ll continue to reach out to artists and “micro-influencers” to grow creative content on the site.

# How you can help 👏👏👏👏👏

  • Question for you: Of all the billboards you’ve seen in your life, which one comes to mind?

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