24HourHomepage.com — Week 3 — Growth and feedback

tl;dr: More sales and published content this week after making A LOT more gifs for prospects. I reached out to several communities of reddit and got some great feedback. I’m still creating 100 gifs for interesting products/projects. If you know of a project/product you’d like more people to know about let me know! justin@24hourhomepage.com

# Overview

Last week — week #3 in my journey to become better at selling and marketing my work via 24hourhomepage.com — I started my “100 free ads” campaign for interesting projects/products I’ve discovered. I’m no where near my 100 mark, but it’s great to be exposed to so many great businesses out there.

One person even wanted to hire me to create more ads for them!

# Reddit posts

I posted the project on several business-oriented subreddits. One soft metric I’ve been concerned with is “the 5-second rule” which roughly says, the value proposition should be understood by a first time visitor of the site in under 5-seconds.

Asking the folks of /r/growmybusiness, it’s clear that I don’t pass the 5-second test but as one user pointed out, it’s not a great metric to begin with. /u/RedditBizHelper suggested the “5-second rule” is too soft a metric and that I should refine my focus to show how advertisers benefit and how visitors benefit.

I’ll be updating the designs for the first-time-user-experience to make these benefits more apparent. Cheers, /u/RedditBizHelper!

Also, thanks to /u/Fen94 for letting me know of the — now fixed — rendering issue on iPad. Kudos!

# Feedback

Based on the great feedback I had been receiving, I set up a testimonial page to get user feedback after they’ve gone through the full product experience. I’ll be sharing those results publicly once I get enough to display a “Wall of Love”.

# Swing for the fences

Lastly, I swung for the fences in a few cold emails/tweets offering an ad to hotshot entrepreneurs. No interest from them…YET!

# Discoveries of 24hourhomepage

  • Polygonjs — Polygonjs is an impressive node-based rendering engine on top of WebGL.
  • Devas.app — Devas measures your mind and helps you improve your mental health.
  • Texts.com — Texts unifies all your messaging apps into one. Sign up for the beta at texts.com
  • Milo — Get Milo and start speaking with your friends while you ride, surf or ski.
  • PixelTag — Salesforce is a jungle and PixelTag is your guide. Hit them up to fix your Salesforce.
  • Sound Contours — A trove of musical discoveries in Sound Contours. 31 episodes of gems.
  • Tyler Brock — Went in for the lulz with his post. He’s a talented engineer, boss and supportive of old coworker’s (🙋‍♂️) new ventures.

# Special shout out to Guan Jie Fung

I met Guan Jie on a focusmate call while prospecting. Not only did he give me some constructive feedback, he sent me a 5 minute video reviewing some “blind spots” to the user experience of 24hourhomepage.com. He runs a copy writing agency and I’d highly recommend his services.

You can reach out to him at his website: guanjiefung.com

Thanks again, Guan Jie! 🏆

# Learnings

  • Design for your customer avatar(s). 🛒🎭
  • Take real breaks occasionally 😴

# Quote of the week

“What got you here, won’t get you there”

# This week

  • I’m going to continue offering gifs for young businesses
  • I’d like to get another good discussion going with some community. The reddit learnings were invaluable!
  • More cold prospecting and warm reminders of the product.

# How you can help 👏👏👏👏

  • Tell people about 24hourhomepage.com!
  • Share 24hourhomepage.com in any of your socially distanced social circles
  • If you know a business that wants a creative ad, let me know!

Email: justin@24hourhomepage.com

Twitter: @justinprojects

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