24HourHomepage.com — Week 4 — Product Hunt research, outreach, testimonials

tl;dr: This week I hunkered down on my goal to create 100 gifs for cool products and companies and offered A LOT more. It’s keeping the conversation going and a number have accepted the free ad even if they didn’t publish on the site. I researched and declared when I will launch to Product Hunt, spoke to a columnist, started gathering testimonials from customers and wrote some administrative tools. As always, don’t be shy! justin@24hourhomepage.com

# Overview

Last week — week #4 in my journey to become better at selling and marketing my work via 24hourhomepage.comI continued offering free gifs to entrepreneurs who liked my “100 gifs for 100 products” effort and to cool projects I discovered. Still chugging along toward that goal!

# Product Hunt launch date set

One customer asked if I planned to post on Product Hunt (PH). Well, I do! For makers out there, it’s a hot button issue with no shortage of reports on how to make the most of your launch.

So I’ve done the first of many tasks and set the date.

I will launch on Product Hunt on …

Well, I’ve set the date but I’m not announcing it yet. I will let you know before launch day. In the mean time, you can help the PH launch by signing up for Product Hunt in advance to discover other products and learn how the site works.

Come launch day, you’ll be able to vote for your favorite products of the day. 🗳

# Talking to newspaper columnist

Since we’re talking secret launch dates I also spoke with a newspaper columnist. “Which one?!” “Where can I read more?” You’ll have to wait and see.

# Testimonials

In my prospecting I discovered a great service for gathering customer/user testimonials: https://testimonial.to. I’ve integrated them at the end of my publishing flow and will have more to update soon! The founder, Damon Chen, is a shining example of how to build in public on Twitter.

# Internal administrative tools

Lastly, I spent a few hours writing some new administrative tools for the service. What are they? They for admin eyes only! 👀 Wow, this week’s update is full of secrets.

# Discoveries of 24hourhomepage

  • Moti Tavassoli — Moti is a product designer and visual artist in Los Angeles. Check out her great prints at her shop! 🛒
  • Guan Jie Fung — Guan Jie has a great eye for business and offers copywriting services. Highly recommend him as his feedback has already cleaned up 24hourhomepage! ✍️

# Learnings

My older brother visited from Philly this last week. The guy works super hard and deserves the rare vacations he takes. Maybe it’s because of all the lockdown but spending time with my him, my fiancé and our dog sure warms the heart. The only learning I want to call out is that it’s nice to take breaks with your loved ones. 💙

# This week

  • I’ve started reaching out to bigger companies. Those with more marketing budgets and/or have invested in creative advertising in the past.
  • I’m still offering 100 gifs for 100 products as I find them.
  • Scheduling more calls to demo the product

# How you can help 👏👏👏👏

  • Tell people about 24hourhomepage.com!
  • Share 24hourhomepage.com in any of your socially distanced social circles
  • If you know a business that wants a creative ad, let me know!

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