24HourHomepage — Week 6 — Three questions I ask before engaging

tl;dr: Last week I reached out to 70+ marketers at brands with a history of creative advertising. I don’t want to waste anyone’s time, so I ask 3 questions before reaching out.

# Overview

Last week—in my effort to make the most creative, collaborative internet art project at 24hourhomepage.com and get better at sales and marketing along the way—I dove head first into LinkedIn messaging tools. I’m on the trial program of LinkedIn premium and I gotta say: it’s a tool designed for research more than outreach.

Here are 3 questions I ask before reaching out to a brand:

  1. Will it last?
  2. Are they creative?
  3. Will they love it?

# Will it last?

24hourhomepage.com will be a site people visit for years to come. If a brand brand or business doesn’t expect to be around in 30+ years, we probably aren’t a good fit for each other.

# Are they creative?

Has this brand done any creative advertising in the past? Any commercials, events, promotions, partnerships that have lived with you after experiencing?

# Will they love it?

Put another way: is their audience inclined to feel stronger or better about the brand after a serendipitous interaction with an advertisement?

I need three strong “yes” answers before reaching out. Thanks for the idea, Joe Pera.

# A note from a professional

As one professional marketer I spoke with noted: We do so much to avoid being advertised to in places we DON’T expect—ad blockers, GDPR—there is some value in having the viewer go to the ad.

I agree! One of the many reasons I’m still at it!

# Discoveries

bkmark — Have you ever booked marked something only to forget about it and never return? bkmark is your answer.

# This week

  • For those brands that—despite my best efforts on LinkedIn—I can’t get a hold of, I will call their offices directly looking to set up a call.
  • More conversations with professional marketers.
  • Pitch more big brands.

# How you can help 👏👏👏👏👏

  • One question for you my dear reader: What is your all-time favorite ad or tv commercial?

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