24HourHomepage.com — Week 7 — Mentorship with master marketers

tl;dr: Last week I continued reaching out to leads on LinkedIn and discovered a marketing mentorship group. I introduced myself to the group, had conversations with a dozen of them and got some actionable feedback in my marketing approach.

# Overview

Last week — in my effort to make the most creative, collaborative internet art project at 24hourhomepage.com and get better at sales and marketing along the way — I continued to reach out to marketing teams at “big brand” (food, beverage, entertainment) companies via LinkedIn. LinkedIn’s InMail message offering is too restrictive for my use case and—as many of the marketers I spoke to noted—its a better tool for discovery than cold messages.

The big discovery last week was the trove of brilliant minds at Net Net Synergy, a professional PR, Communications and Marketing club. It speaks loads for the health of the club when a joe schmo like myself can meet with 12 of its members in under a week for guidance. I can’t say enough good things about how supportive the group is. Thank you all! 🙇‍♂️

# Net Net Synergy learnings 🧠

Below are some highlights from my conversations with these professional marketers.

  • They love the idea of 24hourhomepage, think its pretty creative. 💌
  • Though I have made some sales with this method, a few suggested my cold email approach was too strong. Especially for bigger clients. Don’t just state all the benefits and my life story in an initial email. Start smaller and with a softer touch. 👌
  • Focusing on the tech sector first might aid in traction as they will likely “get” the project before other markets. 💻
  • Going solo is tough. Understand that there will be days I’ll want to give up but that I’ll come out of it stronger and with more “creative juices to try”. 💪
  • Accountability partners are great. I’m using focusmate regularly for session based accountability and these weekly blog posts (with your feedback!) as an accountability gauge. Also, regular talks with one of the best coaches out there (my dad).
  • “Marketers are hungry for new ideas.” If NFTs have proven anything it’s that digital art matters and brands are willing to try new creative channels. 👾
  • Much of advertising today is focused on hyper-targeting, segmentation, A/B testing content for a client. By being a time-capsule piece of advertising 24hourhomepage flips that on its head, forcing marketers to answer: “What is the big idea you are trying to sell?” 🧠
  • Reach out to digital advertising agencies. If not to sell ad space but to start conversations about the channel. 😎
  • Ask: “What are important times in human experience?” The answer to these questions could lead to pretty creative ads. Eg: the minutes to midnight, the precise second the first message was received on ARPANET, the time when the undertaker threw mankind off hеll in a cell, and plummeted 16 ft through an announcer’s table™️

# Discoveries of 24hourhomepage 🔍


Wizardhead — has a creative vision you’ll have to experience to appreciate. Follow along to learn more. 🧙‍♂️

# Special shout out 📣

  • Focusmate user Rebekah officially challenged me to reach out to two people I wanted to follow up on who were sitting in my inbox, keeping me from inbox zero and eating up headspace. Challenge accepted! I followed up with those people and started some good conversations. Thanks again, Rebekah! 🏆

# This week

  • You may know I’ve been using Streak CRM for outreach. It’s been a useful tool in combination with a few others (google sheets, LinkedIn). I will be testing out Apollo which has a number of features I’m anxious to try (automatic email sequencing, extensive lead search capabilities).

# How you can help 👏👏👏👏👏

  • Question for you: Who is the most creative, expressive person in your life? I’d love to hear about them!

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