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tl;dr: This URL was posted to hackernews automatically from a github action I wrote: action-hackernews-post.


Earlier this year I started writing online regularly. I committed to a pace of weekly updates on my creative project—24HourHomepage—all posted on Medium.

I recently migrated all my articles from Medium to this domain with the hopes of having a "write once, publish many" sort of flow.

So I wrote this github action to submit a URL and title to hackernews.



When configuring your github actions workflow, add the package like so

uses: higgins/action-hackernews-post@v1.0.1
  HN_USERNAME: ${{ secrets.HN_USERNAME }}
  HN_PASSWORD: ${{ secrets.HN_PASSWORD }}
  POST_TITLE: "A clock where every second is user submitted content"

Be sure to set HN_USERNAME and HN_PASSWORD in github secrets or via another secure method.

For a full example, read this repo's workflow source.


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