An English Numerical Contraction is a type of Numeronym.

You've seen them if someone referred to internationalization as i18n, localization as l10n, kubernetes as k8s, etc.

If you haven't seen the pattern, it's simple: replace the letters between the first and last of a word/phrase with the number of letters that were removed.

For a lot of words, it makes total sense. It's exhausting to type "A-n-d-r-e-e-s-s-e-n H-o-r-o-w-i-t-z" and speaking it ("an-drees-sen hor-o-witz") isn't much better. Contracting it to a16z is more efficient when spoken and typed.

Some words are a little more suspect. Consider accessibility commonly abbreviated as a11y. Uncontracted, it is six syllables to say and 13 characters to type. The contraction a11y is more efficient for both speaking and typing...so what's the problem?

There are at least 119 other English words that can be contracted to a11y. Why does kubernetes get to be k8s and not kickboxers or knobbiness?

Answer: because its a nick name of little consequence. A playful internet-ism. That's it.

...but I had spare time so I audited all* English words and graded them on how annoying they were to contract in this form.

Enter your word or phrase in the input above to see its grade.

Here is the rubric:

Finally, of the ~275K English words examined, there are only 441 that are not annoying by this standard. Here are some of my favorite:

Here is a map of all contractions and their associated words.

If you find other interesting observations, let me know! ✌️